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Since 2004, Thompson Law Office has been serving the legal needs of people with personal injury, bankruptcy, Social Security, and disability issues. Please call to make an appointment at our Richmond and Connersville locations.

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We know it’s not easy for anyone to file bankruptcy. It’s a situation that forces you to take such a difficult step when you are unable to pay you and your company’s debt. And, at this point, anyone can feel stuck so, why don’t you come to the Thompson law office?

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Social Security and Disability Attorney in Richmond Indiana
Social Security & Disability

If you don’t know anything about your social security & disability claim, you can completely rely on our attorney as they can help you with reimbursement of those losses. Here, based on our legal knowledge and skills, we assure our clients that the

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Personal Injury

In case you have been injured due to a slip or fall by the negligence of a property owner or you met with an automotive accident due to the negligence of other motorists, you can file a personal injury case against that entity.

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