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Since 2004, Thompson Law Office has been serving the legal needs of people with Social Security, and disability issues. Please call to make an appointment at our Richmond and Connersville locations.
It can be stressful to apply for Social Security Disability (SSD) or Social Security Income (SSI) benefits when you are relying on them to pay basic living expenses and other bills. Tom Thompson understands what is at stake when we represent disabled individuals seeking the benefits they deserve

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Social Security & Disability

If you don’t know anything about your social security & disability claim, you can completely rely on our attorney as they can help you with reimbursement of those losses. Here, based on our legal knowledge and skills, we assure our clients that the

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To secure Social Security Disability benefits, the Social Security Administration must deem you to be disabled and decide that you meet other specified criteria. Without that designation, you will not receive benefits. The process can be complex and difficult. Thompson Law Office can help.

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SSI can be paid whether or not a person has paid in enough Social Security tax to get disability insurance benefits. You must be disabled under the same rules as for disability insurance, be blind or be over 65. You must also have very little income or property because this benefit is based on financial need. The Social Security Administration looks at all other income and property owned by a husband and wife, not just the applicant’s, and also the value of any support (like free room and board) provided by others, to determine whether someone is financially eligible for SSI.

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