Automotive or Slip-And-Fall Accidents

In case you have been injured due to a slip or fall by the negligence of a property owner or you met with an automotive accident due to the negligence of other motorists, you can file a personal injury case against that entity. These kinds of situations have become very common these days so, here, you can book an attorney for your case.

At Thompson Law Office, you can fix an appointment with your attorney and fight for the compensation you deserve. Personal injury law gives you the right to recover all compensation such as on medical bills, lost wages, and insurance for your injuries.

Personal Injury Compensation

Slip-and-fall accident or an automotive accident can occur due to broken stairs or poor lighting on the road or poor construction or any other reason, we believe in settling your case with complete compensation for:

Medical Treatment– Whatever medical procedures you have undergone through because of an injury, we assure you of full compensation including the cost of surgeries, medication, hospital admissions, and other kinds of medical care.

Lost Wages– Any loss of the income due to your injury can be compensated with the help of an experienced attorney. Leave the financial recovery part on your legal representative and take rest till the time you don’t get recovered completely.

Property Loss– If you have been injured in an auto accident and your vehicle gets damaged, by hiring a lawyer; you can easily recover your property loss.

Protecting Your Rights

For decades, we have advocated various victims suffered from personal injury and also won many such cases with a maximum financial recovery so that you can focus on physical and emotional recovery. Seek legal representation from the skilled auto accident attorneys at Richmond or Connersville location.

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